ULTimateCO2 project helps understanding of long-term CO2 storage

2012-11-19 12:44 by Anja Reitz

ULTimateCO2, a four-year project involving researchers and industry experts from across Europe, will significantly advance understanding of the long-term fate of CO2 when captured and stored in geological formations as part of the CCS process.

It will cover detailed lab, field and modelling studies of the main physical and chemical processes involved and their impacts in the long-term including: trapping mechanisms of CO2 in geological formations; fluid-rock interactions and effects on the integrity of caprocks that seal CO2 stores; and leakage due to lack of integrity of operating or abandoned wells.

Proponents of CCS believe that it is an essential technology that will be required to be deployed over the next few decades if the world is to meet its greenhouse gas reduction and energy supply aims cost effectively. However, critics claim that the long-term assurance of geologically stored CO2 with a very high degree of certainty is still unproven.


Source: Storage, Nov  18  2012 (Carbon Capture Journal)

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