Research cruises

2014-04-07 14:02

Research cruise to the natural CO2 seep Panarea, Mediterranean Sea

Cruise P469 to the submarine volcanic gas discharge sites off Panarea (Aeolian Islands, South Italy) is conducted within the framework of the ECO2 project (EU) and the Helmholtz-Alliance “ROBEX – Robotic Exploration of Extreme Environments”.

30/04  to 23/05/2014 (Bari - Malaga)

chief scientists: Stefan Sommer and Peter Linke 

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2013-03-13 14:46

Research vessel ALKOR; foto: GEOMAR
Research vessel ALKOR; foto: GEOMAR

Research cruise in the central North Sea with RV Alkor (AL412)

Cruise 412 of the German research vessel ALKOR (22.03.-08.04.13) led by Dr. Peter Linke (GEOMAR) is conducted in the framework of the EU project ECO2. The project, supported by a team of international collaborators, investigates the potential environmental impact of the storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) in marine sediments.

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2012-07-30 13:53

Report on RV Celtic Explorer expedition CE12010 - North Sea

The research cruise CE12010 with the Irish research vessel Celtic Explorer (20/07 to 06/08/2012; Bremerhaven - Hamburg) is conducted within the framework of two EU-projects. The EU project bit Eurofleets provides resources for ship time, travel and transport expenses to enable the investigation of research questions of the EU project ECO2.

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2011-06-16 15:01

Report on the first ECO2 research expedition

The first ECO2 research expedition has just concluded on Tuesday 14th June 2011 in Kiel (Germany). The research crew on board the R/V Alkor investigated the natural CO2 seep site Salt Dome Juist in the German North Sea and the industrial CO2 storage site Sleipner in the Norwegian North Sea.

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