ECO2 Flyer - Italian version

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Second ECO2 Briefing Paper

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Third ECO2 Briefing Paper

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ECO2 glossary "The language of CCS"

“The language of CCS – definition and explanations” is a glossary of terms used in the carbon dioxide capture and storage sector. The glossary has been produced in collaboration with project partners as an output of WP6 and aims to draw upon the diversity of expertise available throughout the ECO2 Project to produce a ‘standard’ set of definitions which will enhance internal and external communication around the topic of CCS. Although much of the terminology is specific to sub-seabed CO2 storage, which is the focus of ECO2, the opportunity has been taken to include some definitions that have a broader application to provide context. In a project like ECO2, which is a wide geographical and subject-based partnership, there is much room for misinterpretation – the hope is that this glossary will help to minimise any misunderstandings about terms and language being used across the project. Whilst the authors have tried to be as comprehensive as possible they acknowledge that there are still gaps to be filled or definitions to be modified and they welcome all feedback to improve both coverage and accuracy. All suggestions for inclusion or alteration should be addressed to Kelvin Boot –

IEAGHG Report (in cooperation with ECO2) - Key Messages for Communication Needs for Key Stakeholders

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