Interfacing of the Numerical Models (CCT2)

CCT2 intend to model the whole system from reservoir leakage through to CO2 transfer into the ocean and to the atmosphere, including biogeochemical impacts. Subsequently, the physical, chemical and biological knowledge will be transferred into an economic valuation of the costs of leakage, monitoring, and mitigation measures as well as underpin a concept for risk management.


  • To define common leakage scenarios that will enable the delivery of integrated risk assessments, economic valuation and the development of conceptual monitoring practices.
  • To identify model synergies, overlaps and interfaces, and the development of the appropriate computational coupling tools to support data transfer.
  • To implement coherent methodologies to assess model performance and uncertainty.
  • To quantify and evaluate the geological, physical, chemical and ecological risks, impacts and associated uncertainties of key CO2 leakage scenarios.


CCT2 leader: Jeremy Blackford
jcb [at]