Accsept Acceptance of CO2 Capture and Storage, Economics, Policy and Technology

CCS Network The European CCS Demonstration Project Network (connect - construct - share)

CO2 Capture Project

CO2GeoNet The European Network of Excellence on the Geological Storage of CO2

CO2Mustng (A multiple space and time scale approach for the quantification of deep saline formations for CO2 storage)

CO2Net Carbon Dioxide Knowledge Sharing Network

CO2NetEast Information Portal for CO2 Capture and Storage Technologies

CO2ReMove (Research, Monitoring, Verification)



CO2-coach (Cooperation between China and the EU)

CO2 GeoCapacityProject Assessing European Capacity for Geological Storage of Carbon Dioxide

eccsel European Carbon dioxide Capture and Storage Laboratory Infrastructure

INCA-CO2 International Co-operation Actions on CO2 Capture and Storage

MOVECBM Monitoring and Verification of Enhanced Coalbed Methane

NearCO2 Participation and communication near CO2 capture and storage operations

QICS Quantifying and Monitoring Potential Ecosystem Impacts of Geological Carbon Storage

Recopol Reduction of CO2 emission by means of CO2 storage in coal seams in the Silesian Coal Basin of Poland

RISCS Research into impacts and safty in CO2 storage




Bellona Foundation, Norwegian environmental organisation

WWF The World Wide Fund For Nature

E3G Change Agents for Sustainable Development


BRGM Geoscience for a sustainable earth

CATO CO2 Capture Transport and Storage in The Netherlands

CCCP California Climate Change Portal

CCSa The Carbon Capture and Storage Association (CCSA)

CCS Education Initiative

CENIT CO2 (Spanish national programme)

Global CCS Institute (Australia)

IEAGH International Energy Agency Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme

IPCC International Panel on Climate Change

SCCS Scottish Centre for Carbon Capture and Storage

TxCCSA Texas Carbon Capture and Storage Association

UCL Carbon Capture Legal Programme

UKCCSC UK Carbon Capture and Storage Community

UNFCCC United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

ZEP Zero Emissions Platform

CCS Sites

CO2 CRC Otway Project (Australia)

In Salah CCS Pilot Project (Algeria)

KETZIN CCS Pilot Project (Germany)

Mongstad CCS site (Norway)

Sleipner Vest CCS site (Norwegian North Sea)

Snøhvit CCS site (Barents Sea)

Weyburn-Midale CO2 Project (USA)

CCS Journals / Reports

CBM Carbon Balance and Management

Carbon Capture Journal

Power Plant CCS