Fluid and Gas Fluxes across the Seabed at Storage Sites and Natural CO2 Seeps (WP2)

WP2 will undertake a programme of fieldwork at existing storage sites as well as natural CO2 seeps, including analysis of the chemical composition of reservoir fluids.  Fieldwork data will be supplemented by laboratory studies focused on CO2-induced mobilization of potentially toxic metals.


  • To identify effective tracers of leakage (including precursors of CO2 leakage) form sub-seabed CO2 storage reservoirs.
  • To develop a monitoring strategy to quantify leakage rates of dissolved, liquid and free gas (including CO2) as well as potentially toxic metals at sub-seabed CO2 storage sites.
  • To assess the potential for mobilization of toxic metals and for CO2 hydrate formation, as a function of CO2 concentration, temperature and pressure.
  • To provide numerical models that can be applied to predict fluxes of CO2 and other chemical species, including potentially toxic metals, across the sediment-seawater interface under different leakage scenarios.


WP2 leader: Rachael James
r.h.james [at] noc.ac.uk