Risk Assessment, Economics, Legal Studies and Policy Stakeholder Dialogue (WP5)

WP5 will consider the environmental risks associated with CCS and how these risks may impact on the financial, legal, and political considerations surrounding the future geological storage of CO2.


  • To conduct an environmental risk assessment (ERA) that assesses the risks associated with sub-seabed CO2 storage over the entire operational life cycle, including closure and post-closure of the reservoir.
  • To estimate the potential costs associated with monitoring, intervention in the case of CO2 leakage and environmental damage resulting from CO2 leakage, compare against the economic and environmental benefits deriving from CCS activities, and assess the financial risks.
  • To review the existing legal framework associated with CCS with respect to both the precautionary principle and the polluter pays principle.
  • To determine the potential applicability of liability with respect to CCS activities.
  • To communicate the knowledge produced in ECO2 to relevant decision-making and implementation bodies in order to improve transparency of decision-making for CCS through the provision of sound scientific knowledge.


WP5 leader: Sharnie Finnerty
sharnie.finnerty [at] dnv.com