Fate of CO2 and other Gases emitted at the Seabed (WP3)

WP3 will undertake process studies and model evaluations to underpin risk and impact assessments of potential leaks from CO2 storage sites into the overlying waters. Natural CO2 seeps, as analogues of storage leakage, will provide a detailed database on the processes involved.


  • To understand CO2 transport mechanisms and biogeochemical transformations in the water column.
  • To develop appropriate monitoring methods to quantify CO2 leakages in the water column, detect precursors of CO2 leakage, and test different instruments for their sensitivity, reliability and cost effectiveness.
  • To develop a simulation framework necessary for risk/impact assessment
  • To develop best practices for monitoring baseline surveys of oceanic waters for fingerprinting CO2 leakage to the overlying water column, using data from both the natural analogues and existing CO2 storage sites.


WP3 leader: Guttorm Alendal
guttorm.alendal [at] math.uib.no