Public Perception Assessment (WP6)

WP6 will investigate two important factors influencing the configuration of public perception patterns: trust and context. How do people make sense when learning about CCS, which criteria do they refer to in their evaluation of cost/benefits? What is the role of different cultural values, of the relationship with different stakeholders, of the characteristics of the technology itself? Intensive interaction with the public and with major stakeholders, such as operators and the media, will be sought, to collect a comprehensive range of data and ultimately facilitate the composition of a common framework for CCS communication based on awareness about different perspectives. 


  • To standardise commonly used terms and concepts in CCS research to facilitate effective communication.
  • To identify the core factors and processes that influence public perception of CCS.
  • To understand how these factors and processes interact within the public context in relation to the costs-benefits of CCS as perceived by different social components.
  • To provide guidance on how to devise and implement effective public stakeholder communication plans to meet public information needs and concerns.


WP6 leader: Samuela Vercelli
samuela.vercelli [at]