UK pledges £35m funding for China and Indonesia to develop CCS

2013-10-01 07:59 by Anja Reitz

The funding is being used to support the Carbon Capture and Storage Fund (CCSF) under the Clean Energy Financing Partnership Facility (CEFPF) administered by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The ADB is working with the UK’s Department of Energy & Climate Change, the Global CCS Institute and partners within the Chinese Government to identify opportunities to accelerate the development and deployment of CCS.

The funding will also support the GreenGen project in Tianjin City of China, which will receive over $10m from the ADB CCSF. The project was launched in 2005 by China’s five largest power companies, two largest coal companies and one investment group, aiming to complete a 400 megawatt power plant before 2020 with over 80% of the CO2 separated and stored. To increase UK collaboration, and in partnership with the ADB, three CCS centres will be set up, two of which will be in China and one in Indonesia.


Source: Carbon Capture Journal, 29 September 2013

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