Public review for the draft quantification protocol for the capture of CO2 and permanent storage in deep saline aquifers

2011-12-20 13:20 by Anja Reitz

The opportunity for generating carbon offsets with this protocol arises from the direct disposal of CO2 from a previous source of emissions, into deep saline aquifers for permanent storage. This protocol scope covers the full carbon capture and storage chain from capture through compression, transport, injection and storage. The source of CO2 is from an industrial facility that operates a primary process, and the carbon capture facility applies a capture technology that uses chemical solvents. 

Alberta Environment has requested this protocol complete a public posting period prior to undergoing a stakeholder review. Following the public comment period, the CCS protocol will undergo a Stakeholder review at the January 18th/19th workshop in Edmonton. 

Draft Quantification Protocol for the Capture of CO2 and Storage in Deep Saline Aquifers - Public Comment Version 

Technical Seed Document for the Capture of CO2 and Permanent Storage in Deep Saline Aquifer Protocol *Note - comments will only be accepted on the draft protocol and not the supporting document.

Technical Review Minutes for the Capture of CO2 and Permanent Storage in Deep Saline Aquifer Protocol

Public comments are an important aspect of the protocol development process for the Alberta Offset System, and an opportunity for everyone to give feedback and help shape Alberta's quantification protocols.

Source: Carbon Offset Soulutions

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