A risk based approach for verification of CO2 storage capacity estimation

2011-12-06 10:08 by Anja Reitz

Governments around the world are dependent on reliable estimates of CO2 storage capacity in order to get insight on the viability of geological storage in their respective jurisdictions. On the other hand, industry needs reliable estimates for business decisions regarding site selection and development.

Moreover project developers have to demonstrate that the storage site has the intended storage capacity while securing safety (no harm to life, human health and the environment) and that the CO2 is permanently stored (climate benefit of the project).

To build confidence among stakeholders (regulators and the public) a transparent procedure for verifying the storage capacity estimates is deemed necessary. In this article the main focus will be details on the procedures for verification of storage capacity estimates which is founded on the DNV’s principles of the risk based verification (RBV) concept.

Source: Feature Articles, Dec  04  2011 (Carbon Capture Journal)


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