UK and Canada further CCS research cooperation

2014-05-12 15:08 by Anja Reitz

Richard Adamson, Managing Director of CMC, and Prof. Jon Gibbins, Director of the UKCCSRC, signed a Memorandum of Understanding that advances an already cooperative relationship between the two research organizations - both of which invest to develop and validate technologies and practices to make CCS a practical industrial response to carbon emission constraints.

“There is a strong correlation between collaboration and innovation and we at CMC believe this agreement will accelerate the development and commercialization of the technologies and solutions we need to tackle the global challenge of greenhouse gas emissions,” said Adamson.

Adamson pointed to CMC’s field research station (FRS), currently under development, as a facility where joint projects will take place. “We are building the field research station as a site to be used by academic and industry researchers as well as technology developers from around the world. This MoU is a springboard for the collaborative projects we envision for the FRS,” he said. Work at the research station will focus on developing solutions to measurement, monitoring and verification challenges associated with movement and containment of subsurface fluids, including CO2.

One of the barriers to the large-scale implementation of CCS is cost and researchers in both countries are working on ways to capture and store carbon more efficiently.


Source: Carbon Capture Journal, 12 May 2014

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