Study shows Scotland ready for CCS hub

2014-06-23 06:19 by Anja Reitz

Element Energy Ltd, working with partners SCCS, AMEC, and Dundas Consultants, recently completed the analysis into the development of CCS in the UK on behalf of Scottish Enterprise.

The report examines a wide range of scenarios for how CCS might develop and uses these to develop blueprints and detailed business plans for how to deliver CCS at least cost, least risk, and with maximum flexibility.

The report details how the combination of Carbon Capture and Storage with Enhanced Oil Recovery in the Central North Sea provides an excellent platform to achieve multiple benefits:

- Support the decarbonisation of the economy in Scotland, the UK and North West Europe, with potential for storing up to 1,700 million tonnes of UK and European CO2 over the period to 2050, helping us to meet the challenge of climate change.

- This can be accompanied by the economic production of up to 1.4 billion additional barrels of oil in the North Sea, extending the life of the oil industry in the UK, Norway and Denmark, and bringing in £10 bn in discounted revenue, and associated benefits in balance of trade, jobs, and energy security.

- Boost the economy - the potential gross value added to the Scottish economy from supporting infrastructure alone would be up to ca. £7 billion over the period to 2050.


Source: Carbon Capture Journal, News, 22 June 2014

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