South Korea signs CCS collaboration with Australian and German scientists

2014-03-17 10:32 by Anja Reitz

Korea’s largest grouping of CCS researchers has signed strategic agreements with Australia‘s leading CCS research group, Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC) and Helmholtz Centre Postdam GFZ German Research Cenre for Geosciences (GFZ), that will see scientists from these countries work together to develop technologies for reducing carbon dioxide emissions from power generation and industry.

As well as creating a framework for a joint program of research, it will also enable the flow of knowledge between the two institutes and provide training opportunities for researchers from all three countries.

Dr. Sang-Do Park, Director of KCRC, said: “Recognizing the importance of CCS for the solution to climate change, the Korean government, as well as developed countries, makes significant investment to develop advanced CCS technologies. Being at the core of the Korean government’s CCS project, KCRC is strengthening international collaboration and networking. I am happy to get these MoUs of CO2CRC-KCRC and GFZ-KCRC to establish the framework for CCS cooperation. Based on these MoUs, I look forward to promoting cooperation with CO2CRC and GFZ on innovative CCS technologies.”


Source: Carbon Capture Journal, 16 March 2014

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