Scottish CCS leads probing discussions at annual conference

2014-11-01 09:52 by Anja Reitz

The timing for the conference was ideal: A mere week after Europe’s leaders confirm their commitment to CCS with an explicit reference to the technology in the European Union’s 2030 framework on climate and energy (read more here). With the opening of the world’s first full scale commercial CCS facility at Boundary Dam in Canada last month (read more here), the mood at the SCCS Conference was one of optimism and renewed motivation to see European projects delivered.

As Chris Littlecot of the NGO E3G noted: “We now have an open door to CCS”. These were the words with which he encouraged attendees to take the opportunity to think afresh at the breakout session focused on ‘Incentivising CCS to 2030+’. Other breakout sessions addressed ‘R&D catalysts’ and ‘Destination North Sea’.


Source; Bellona Europe, web, 30 Oct 2014

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