Invitation to 2nd SiteChar Workshop - 11 December 2012

2012-11-19 13:05 by Anja Reitz

Public awareness and acceptability of CCS technology

You are invited to participate in the 2nd SiteChar Stakeholder Workshop which will be hosted by Imperial College , London (UK), on Tuesday 11 December 2012 
 �Public awareness and acceptability of CCS technology�.

At this workshop results from the social scientific research in the SiteChar project as well as a new approach of raising public awareness will be presented.  Results and applicability of the approach for real CCS projects  will be discussed focusing the following topics:

-       Integration of the social research results with the techno-economic results from the SiteChar project

-       Integration of social aspects in the licensing process for CCS projects

-       Public engagement in the process of project development

The three-year European SiteChar project (FP7) is dedicated to the characterisation of European CO2 storage sites. Central to this project is examining the technical, economic and societal requirements for CO2 geological storage, focussing on five sites in different areas of Europe and different geological contexts.

Part of the SiteChar project is dedicated to advancing public awareness and helping people to form their own opinion about ongoing selection of places where CCS projects might be planned. At two sites, the North Sea Moray Firth site in the UK and the Zalecze & Zuchlow site in Poland, community representatives and the local public have been informed about the research and are involved in discussions about CO2 capture and storage technology by a focus conference and an information meeting. The objective of this part of the project is to identify and develop appropriate methods for involving the local population in the process of a CCS project development. Results of the research at the two sites will be used to develop recommendations for public engagement at other sites throughout Europe.

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