IEA & Nordic Energy Research call for policy action for industrial CCS

2013-02-17 10:05 by Anja Reitz

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden are front-runners in taking ambitious goals towards decarbonisation of their energy systems by 2050. The five Nordic countries want to cut emissions by 85% compared to 1990 levels until the middle of the century, and this study provides an analysis that aims to increase their chances to succeed.

The authors assert that CCS technology must be fitted to 50% of cement plants and 30% of steel and chemical factories while acknowledging that so far the progress has been slow and uncoordinated between the Nordic countries.

The analysis assesses the contribution required from the Nordic countries under the 2°C scenario (2DS), but also introduces a more ambitious carbon-neutral scenario (CNS) to explore how Nordic policy can set a trend to a decarbonised energy system and serve as an example for rest of the world.


Source: Projects / Policy, Feb  17  2013 (Carbon Capture Journal)

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