Global CCS Institute Launches

2014-04-01 08:35 by Anja Reitz

I’m passionate about solving the problem of climate change. There is strong evidence it is already happening and that it’s going to cause very big problems in the future. Climate change is a solvable problem and there are already many decarbonisation projects around the world. What I am confident of is that for a problem this big, the solutions are going to come from a multi-faceted approach: continual improvement to what is already in place, changes to how we live and innovative disruption.
Knowledge sharing on climate change solutions is important as there is a lot to be learnt from what is already working or is in research and development. That’s what is about – a knowledge sharing platform for people working 'in the industry', for people just interested in what is happening and for our next generation of problem solvers – the Steve Jobs or Bill Gates of decarbonisation technologies. Not surprisingly, Apple, Google and Microsoft are already working hard on their own solutions on energy efficiency and reducing emissions. 

It is the view of the International Energy Agency (IEA) and many other organisations that a number of decarbonisation technologies (solar, wind, hydro, nuclear, carbon capture and storage, etc) are required to combat climate change at the least-cost scenario.


Source: Global CCS Institute website - insights, 17 March2014

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