German representatives call for raising of CO2 emission price

2012-10-01 07:15 by Anja Reitz

The experts did not get so far as to discuss a possible number of allowances that should be withheld from the next stage of the ETS beginning next year. Commission analysts have presented three options: withholding 400 million, 900 million or 1.2 billion allowances over the first three years of the market’s next phase.

The Zero Emissions Platform released a report written against the background of an insufficiently high ETS price earlier this summer. In the report it is argued that temporary ad complementary support measures are required at this point.

Poland, a country which is heavily dependent on carbon-intensive coal, has consistently opposed any suggestion that would cause the price of emissions to go up, arguing that this would lead to an economic setback in difficult times.

At the meeting, German MEP Peter Liese (EPP) stated that members of the German parliament were calling for action due to the need for ETS revenue." One of the most important arguments for an intervention in the ETS is in fact that member states, for example Germany, have planned their investment in low-carbon technology, mainly not only renewables but energy efficiency, carbon capture and storage and others, on the assumption of a much higher carbon price," he said.

The next committee meeting is scheduled for 17 October.


Source: Bellona CCS news archive (20/09/12)

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