European Parliament briefing on offshore CCS

2013-12-03 07:49 by Anja Reitz

ECO2, a Seventh Framework Programme project, presented its third project briefing paper at the European Parliament on 26 November 2013. Scottish Member of the European Parliament Alyn Smith hosted the briefing which brought together experts and project partners from across Europe. Scotland and the United Kingdom holds some of Europe’s most promising CCS opportunities, both for capture at power and industrial plants as well as storage potential in the North Sea. The Scottish CCS group has recently presented a report outlining the vast CO2 storage potential off the British, Norwegian and Dutch coasts (read more here).

The principal focus of the ECO2 project is to address societal concerns regarding the implementation of offshore CCS. Offshore CO2 storage does enjoy higher levels of public support than onshore storage of CO2 as it circumvents the NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) effect. Dr. Leslie Mabon of the University of Edinburgh and Samuela Vercelli of the University of Rome looked particular at these differences.


Source: Bellona, 28 Nov 2013

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