Energy Ministers endorse CCS as key solution to climate change

2013-11-10 09:31 by Anja Reitz

In a Communiqué released following day-long discussions, CSLF member country Ministers and Heads of Delegation affirmed that CCS is an indispensable element of any effective response to climate change.

The Ministers stressed, "We are convinced that the demonstration and global deployment of carbon capture and storage must be accelerated and we are committed to taking necessary actions individually and collaboratively to make this happen.”

The Communique’ points out that CCS is a low-carbon technology option critical to the global quest to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere, and CCS is the only climate change mitigation technology option available to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions from both coal and gas-fired power plants and a range of industrial processes including cement and steel manufacturing.


Source: Carbon Capture Journal, 10 Nov 2013

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