The Role of Earth Observation in Carbon Capture and Storage

2011-07-25 11:57 by Anja Reitz

The Role of Earth Observation in Carbon Capture and Storage

The establishment of test sites in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and elsewhere indicates a growing need to address the lack of existing infrastructure currently in place to capture CO2 from industrial and power generation plants and store it in underground reservoirs available in the form of previously exploited oil and gas fields or other alternative storage sites/technologies.

Over the last two years the European Space Agency (ESA) has been funding a project aiming to establish a ‘service concept’ based upon satellite Earth Observation (EO) technologies that could be applied to industry and government, and that would support the establishment and monitoring of CO2 capture and storage facilities as part of future emissions-reduction and carbon-trading initiatives.

Project participants included: SciSys UK (lead), a company which has worked in all aspects of the space industry for many years from ground stations to on-board satellite software, Fugro NPA Ltd (UK), an acknowledged world leader in EO and specifically terrain-motion mapping from space, TNO, the largest fully independent research, development and consultancy organisation in the Netherlands, the British Geological Survey who are actively involved in the monitoring of many of the CCS sites, and AEA Technology, whose role was to provide user consultants and expose service concepts to key stakeholders within the industry.

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