DECC needs to stop treating CCS as an "option"

2013-10-19 07:08 by Anja Reitz

At a committee hearing Chris Littlecott, Senior Policy Adviser for E3G said: “DECC as whole still seems to want to treat CCS as an option… We don’t see enough clarity on CCS being required.”

He added DECC’s thinking appeared to be that CCS is “one of a number of low carbon options in the power sector – take it if you want to.”

Echoing a report released on Monday by the Global CCS Institute, speakers giving evidence to the committee said issues with policy rather than engineering or technical ones were the biggest barriers to progress, with a lack of certainty hampering investment.

Professor Stuart Haszeldine, Director of Scottish Carbon Capture and Storage said: “I personally think that the policy barriers are immense in the UK.”


Source: Energy Live News, posted on 16 October 2013 by Tom Grimwood

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