CCS Roadmap for Romania launched

2012-06-26 10:45 by Anja Reitz

Romania has a unique potential to become CO2 negative by not only generating CO2 neutral electricity from biomass but in fact absorbing already emitted CO2 from the atmosphere.

This is the conclusion of a report, "Our future is carbon negative – A CCS Roadmap for Romania", published by Bellona Foundation, an environmental NGO which supports CCS.

The report models the Romanian electricity system until 2050 by considering current energy plans, with more or less CCS added. By modelling electricity prices as a function of the costs of CCS and abated CO2 emissions, it shows that using CCS is not only an environmentally favourable option but also an economic one.

The large availability of sustainable biomass in Romania gives the country the unique potential for CO2 negative electricity. To allow the country to harness this potential, the report lays out recommendations for policy makers and investors.

Source: Projects / Policy, June  26  2012 (Carbon Capture Journal)


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