CCS report recommends next steps for CCS in the UK

2013-05-20 09:02 by Anja Reitz

The Carbon Capture and Storage Association welcomes today’s publication of the CCS Cost Reduction Taskforce final report on The Potential for Reducing the Costs of CCS in the UK. The key conclusion of the Interim Report (published on 21st November 2012) remains unchanged – CCS on fossil fuel power stations can be cost-competitive with other low-carbon technologies. The final report sets out actions agreed by the Taskforce members and recommended Next Steps. Of the seven Key Next Steps set out in the report, several will include contributions from the CCSA – in particular the development of fit-for-purpose funding mechanisms, setting out a vision for CCS beyond the current Commercialisation Programme and creating policy and financing regimes for industrial CCS.

In addition, the final report recommends the creation of three national leadership groups to take forward the actions of the Taskforce; the ‘UK CO2 Storage Development Group’, the ‘UK CCS Commercial Development Group’ and the UK CCS Knowledge Transfer Network. It is recommended that the last of these should be led by the CCSA, working to ensure that the learnings from CCS projects in the UK and elsewhere are fed back to industry and Government, to enable follow-on projects to reach their full potential in reducing the costs of CCS in the UK.


Source: Carbon Capture Journal, 20th May 2013

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