CCS needs demonstration now, industry tells policymakers

2012-12-17 13:58 by Anja Reitz

"Further discussion on the pros and cons of the technology would be unhelpful; if we cannot demonstrate the technology now, Europe could become locked into a considerably higher-cost trajectory to decarbonisation," the paper reads, warning that delays could also put Europe at a serious competitive disadvantage compared to other regions.

The European Union enshrined its commitment to the development of CCS in a Directive published in 2009. But amid persistent financing and regulatory difficulties, the original aim of having 10-12 CCS demonstration projects up and running by 2015 is now clearly out of reach. Therefore Europe needs to unite in supporting some of these projects to the advantage of all member states.

The consensus remains that CCS is a fundamental low-carbon technology that will help Europe to combat climate change and secure its electricity supply. EURELECTRIC recommends four urgent actions to get CCS demonstration off the ground:


Source: Projects / Policy, Dec  15  2012 (Carbon Capture Journal)

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