Bellona celebrates CO2 capture in Brevik, Norway

2013-03-01 10:11 by Anja Reitz

Bellona President Frederic Hauge celebrates the news; «Norcem in Brevik is the first cement producer in Europe, and maybe the world, that has the opportunity to become carbon negative, i.e. removing more CO2 from the atmosphere than it emits in its production of cement. If we are to overcome the challenges that climate change presents, this type of technology is key”.

In 2008, the Bellona Foundation released the internationally renowned research report “How to Combat Global Warming”. The report proved how sustainable production of bio mass combined with CO2 capture and storage (CCS) is a key technology in the global fight against climate change. In the summer 2012, the EU’s technology platforms for CO2 handling (ZEP) and bio-fuels (EBTP) followed with a report that showed possible concepts for combining these technologies. Bellona was the main-contributor to this report, which demonstrates how CCS in the cement industry, combined with the transition from coal to bio-based fuels, can be one possible solution.


Source: Sirin Engen, Bellona Europa, 25/02-2013

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