ZEP report: "CCS in EU energy-intensive industries”

2013-07-02 07:44 by Pina Springer

The only technology that can provide large-scale emissions reductions in EU energy-intensive industries – such as steel, cement, refineries and chemicals – is CO2 Capture and Storage says the report.

With direct emissions from EU industries in 2010 accounting for 25% of total EU CO2 emissions and energy efficiency measures insufficient to reduce these emissions significantly, only CCS will enable the EU to deliver its long-term climate goals and retain a strong industrial base.

Additionally, industrial sectors need financial support to develop CCS and remain competitive globally.

ZEP strongly backs the Commission in its efforts to support EU industries – not least due to their vital contribution to employment and welfare – but underlines the need to ensure this strategy is well-aligned with EU climate ambitions. According to the EU low-carbon economy roadmap for 2050, emissions reductions will be required in all sectors of the economy, with CO2 emissions from industrial sectors cut by 34% to 40% by 2030 and by 83% to 87% by 2050.

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Source: Carbon Capture Journal, 2 July 2013

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