EU's focus on renewable energy 'undermining' investment in carbon capture technology, warn MEPs

2013-09-05 07:33 by Anja Reitz

Ford, rapporteur for the parliament's industry, research and energy (ITRE) committee's opinion on the European commission's communication on the future of carbon capture and storage in Europe, said she was "dismayed" that "this burgeoning technology is being stifled partly because of market-distortions created by strict EU renewables targets".

The ECR deputy, speaking during an ITRE committee discussion on CCS on Monday in Brussels said her recently published opinion report identified CCS as the only large-scale and demonstrable technology currently available to remove carbon dioxide produced when burning fossil fuels - thus allowing for the production of low-carbon electricity.

"If we are serious about wanting reliable, affordable and secure energy sources as well as being able to control and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere then we need to make sure all technologies can be used," said Ford.

"The [renewable energy] targets may sound good, but in fact they focus effort and investment onto one area. Instead we should be encouraging a broad scope of potential measures to combat atmospheric carbon dioxide."


Source: The, Brian Johnson - 5th September 2013

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