Bellona Europa organises a hearing on CCS in the European Parliament

2013-04-07 10:39 by Anja Reitz

This open hearing, co-hosted by Chris Davies, British MEP from the ALDE Group, will launch a discussion on new ways of enabling CCS to help the EU achieve its climate goals. New instruments to promote and fund the CCS technology will be presented by the co-authors of the CCS Market Incentives Report of Bellona Europa.

Recent developments enable an open and progressive discussion on new CCS policy framework. On 27 March the European Commission published the CCS consultative communication in which it invites stakeholders’ views on policy options going beyond the ETS funded New Entrants Reserve (NER300) scheme. Policy measures such as Emission Performance Standards, CCS certificates, support through auctioning recycling or other funding approaches are listed in the consultative part of the document.


Source: Projects / Policy, Apr  07  2013 (Carbon Capture Journal)

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